12th-Fret Inlay

Here are some pictures of the inlay work on my most recent guitar project.

I used Inkscape to come up with the design:



While the design looks good, I found it exceptionally challenging to cut this from mother of pearl. I broke half a dozen saw blades, and it was almost impossible to achieve the precision of the drawing at the small scale needed.

Still, I was fairly happy with how the inlay came out:



Here it is inlaid, and the gap has been filled with wood filler:

2014-09-10 22-12-36

This is the same design I used on the other two guitars in the series. The first one was cut from a cracked piece of curly maple that was originally slated for a violin. That was not too hard. My second attempt was also cut from MoP, but it didn’t come out quite as clean as this one.

I cut small triangles from scrap pieces for the remainder of the fret dots. No two came out exactly the same, but I arranged them in an order that I though made the most sense. Here is the result:

2014-09-01 20-32-48